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Selah Sue was 19 years old when the hit “Raggamuffin” catapulted her into the spotlight. In just a few months, this native of Louvain (Belgium, born in 1989), with her husky voice, standing 1.60 metres tall, became a fixture of the major venues of the planet. An instantly recognisable voice, a groove like a pure Jamaican palm tree, but also a remarkable pompadour and a translucent gaze that cuts you in two - the success was soon viral. A little bit too much, perhaps. The former psychology student, Sanne Putseys (her real name) was confronted with her own demons. A lack of self-confidence, depression, and her immense popularity all reinforced her fears. It took her four years to complete “Reason”, a second, more personal album. It was recorded in London, Belgium and also Jamaica, as she sought to recreate the sound that had such a big influence on her first album, produced by Troy Taylor (Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin). “Today, I’m clearer about what I want, the kind of effects, the kind of bass sound I want. [...] On my first record, I wasn’t sure of myself enough.” And in fact, this time Selah isn’t trying to reproduce the record live but is plotting a return to the basics. A recently released video “Reason on the Road”, filmed in Paris, showed her without a guitar, and backed by two violins and a cello. It heralds Sue’s metamorphosis, as will be seen this summer.

Line-up : Sanne Putseys (voc, g), Joachim Saerens (p, k), Simon Lenski (vlc)

Photo : © Alexander Brown

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