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This São Paulo group were introduced by the second Sampa Jazz Fest and founded by two musicians in December 2005: saxophonist Daniel Nogueira and bassist Vinicius Pereira. They came into contact with music by the maestro Moacir Santos in 2001 and wanted to put together a big band to perform his pieces among others. The 12-musician Coisa Fina project strives to showcase the maestro's music in Brazil and France on the Vienne Theatre stage.

Line-up : Daniel Nogueira (ts), Walmer Carvalho (ts, ss, f), Ivan Andrade (as, cl), Bira Jr. (bs, fl), Diogo Duarte (tp, bgl), Rubinho Antunes (tp, bgl), Douglas Antunes (tb), Abdnald Santiago (tb), Marcelo Lemos (g), Fábio Leandro (k), Rafael Ferrari (gb), Mauricio Caetano (dms), Matheus Prado (perc)

Crédit photo : © DR