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Talents Adami Jazz gives a young musician the chance to work with a world-renowned artist on their dream project then perform it at five major festivals. This year the panel selected the guitarist Paul Jarret with guest drummer Jim Black. The young Parisian (born in 1985) remembers: "One day I borrowed a Jim Black record, AlasNoAxis, by chance. And the album's uncompromising libertarian jazz and grunge sounds deeply affected me and made me what I am." Influenced by rock and electro groups and the current New York jazz scene in equal measure, Paul Jarret creates sometimes barbed music whose melody is always the central theme. He founded the Pj5 quintet and won two prizes at the 2012 La Défense Competition. He regularly visits Sweden where he has founded the EMMA quartet with Scandinavian musicians. As for the Californian drummer Jim Black, he joined the Berklee College in Boston the year that Paul Jarret was born. He'd barely arrived in New York before he created an intuitive and impulsive approach to playing drums (inspired by Bob Moses) behind Tim Berne, Dave Douglas or Ellery Eskelin who regularly appeared on stage at the Knitting Factory or John Zorn's Tonic. The percussionist, a sort of radical extension of Joey Baron or Han Bennink, and guitarist have one thing in common: grunge.

Line-up : Paul Jarret (g), Jim Black (dms), Jozef Dumoulin (p), Julien Pontvianne

Crédit photo : © P. Ito