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Since the release of his first EP Kiss Kiss followed up straight after by the album Rough Cuts in 2004, Parov Stelar has carved out his own spot on the electro music scene. Often unheard of combinations of genres in a space-time that nimbly hops from the 30s and 40s to the 21st century have made Parov Stelar something of an oddity on the electro scene. Marcus Füreder, alias Parov Stelar, is currently the best-known Austrian dancefloor artist on the planet. The DJ from Linz (where he was born in 1974) is seen as the European benchmark for electro swing who stylishly samples retro spirit to tailor-make tracks blending jazz, hip hop, electro soul and electronic grooves. The producer and his Parov Stelar Band have staged hundreds of concerts everywhere from New York and London to the Zénith in Paris, Coachella, Sziget, Lollapalooza and the Fête de L’Huma in front of 100,000 people. You can also hear Parov's melting pots of jazz swing and digital music in film scores, TV programmes and advertisements. Any more records? Parov Stelar has almost a million fans on Facebook, his videos have been watched over a hundred million times on Youtube and his tracks have been used in over 700 compilations. Gringo, the new single by Parov Stelar, came out last March.

Line-up : Parov Stelar (Prog), Cleo Panther (v), Lee Anduze (v), Sebastian Grimus (s), Marc Osterer (tp), Jacky Mayr (tb), Michael Wittner (bg), Willie Larsson Jr. (dms)

Crédit photo : © J. Kohlrusch