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With Spedidam support

Papatef is like a polymorphous solo experience blending the musical DJ selection, drum improvisation, percussions and voice of Cyril Atef, a performer from Planet Bumcello (with Vincent Segal, seven albums on the clock). After countless adventures with Julien Lourau, Yves Robert, Barbès National Orchestra, Brigitte Fontaine, Alain Bashung, Matthieu Chedid, Gnawa Njoum Experience and Oshen, famous for his more personal journeys, African electro-groove, with CongopunQ (paired with Monsieur Cong), Cyril Atef is also involved in the Fufu Machine project with singer and guitarist Piers Faccini. He got involved in Pachibaba with Olivier Araste (from Lindigo) and Fixi in 2017. The Berlin native (1968) is finally coming to the Roman Theatre as Papatef, a solo human machine.

Crédit photo : © DR