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Obradović-Tixier Duo is the combination of French pianist David Tixier and Croatian drummer Lada Obradovic. The duo produce a contemporary, fresh and stylish sound blending acoustic and electronic instruments, moog, Fender Rhodes, glockenspiel, mbira and other playthings. A soft yet striking performance that won over the panel at last June's Tremplin Focal Jazz à Vienne. David's sophisticated harmonies and lyrical drama interweave with Lada's polorhythms. An almost serial shamanic piano phrase is muffled by digital blankets whilst a volley of cymbals whisks us away like wings beating through the air. Together, the pair weave a captivating tale. Impressive.

Line-up : Lada Obradović (dms, perc, gluckenspeil, v, DSP, comp), David Tixier (p, k, v, DSP, comp)


Regular price: 37 €
TER  Train + concert : 39,40 €
Reduced price: 34 €
15-25 years old price: 30 €
4-14 years old price : 4 €

Crédit photo : © DR