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You could be forgiven for forgetting Neneh Cherry's roots following her interstellar success in the 90s. She was brought up by the trumpet player Don Cherry and hurtled through the 80s on the front line of Rip Rig + Panic, an electro collective dabbling in punk, funk and free jazz. Wild and free. Thirty years later and she's still a free spirit. As with her last album (Blank Project. 2014), Neneh Cherry joined forces with Four Tet (Kieran Hebden), the master of electro reverie and crushing rhythms. Broken Politics is only the rebel's fifth album (eighth with CirKus and The Thing). Political issues (abortion, violence etc.) still appear in the choruses of the singer who has used her triumphs to revile America and all its imperialism.

Crédit photo : © Wolfgang Tillmans