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Founded in 2006 and led by Tony Chasseur (singer and conductor) and Thierry Vaton (piano, musical direction), MizikOpéyi churns out Creole jazz, a blend of traditional Antillean rhythms and Afro-Caribbean melodies on jazz arrangements. The Créole Big Band is filled to the brim with 17 musicians fuelled by twelve brass instruments in keeping with traditional New Orleans big bands. The island's MizikOpéyi already has four records under its belt including the Sacem-winning De Racines Et D’Influences (2008). Their guest in Vienne is Alain Jean-Marie, a top pianist who released Gwadarama, an album revisiting his beloved Guadeloupe's music just ten years ago.

Line-up : Tony Chasseur (chef d’orchestre et chant), Thierry Vaton (p), Just Wody Cereyon (b), Pierre-Michel Balthazar (perc), Jean-Philippe Fanfant (dms), Christian Martinez (t), Philippe Slominski (t), Erick Poirier (t), Alain Ravaud (t), Michael Joussein (tb), Adélaïde Songeons (tb), Fabien Cyprien (tb), Pierre Mimran (s), Allen Hoist (s), Frédéric Couderc (s), Thierry Farrugia (s), Olivier Defays (s) + special guest : Alain Jean-Marie (p)

Crédit photo : © A. Jean-Marie, DR