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The Gospel Sessions Vol. 3 may be the first album from the Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions project to be released in France but it's their third recording. The Gospel Sessions, a Dutch singer from North Carolina and her two Dutch colleagues (Onno Smit and Paul Willemsen) are well-known in Northern Europe and made their mark on secular music in Lefties Soul Connection, an Amsterdam funk group (four albums between 2004 and 2011). November's MaMA Festival showcased this colourful new gospel project to Parisian audiences. It's hard not to fall for Michelle David's charm alongside her brogue-wearing guitarists. The glowing, barefoot vocalist with fabulous afro hair and a powerful voice puts on quite a show. She has the energy and heart of Sharon Jones (RIP) and radiates an infectious buzz. Her "churchy" vocals venture into soul with the 220 volt Danelectro duo, dry beats and an additional brass band. Oddly enough for gospel, there's no piano or bass. This gospel group takes original tracks and classics (I’m a Soldier in the Army of the Lord) and gives them a good helping of soul, R 'n' B and jazz with a dash of African spice. The exciting and mystical repertoire opens up new holy horizons.

Line-up : Michelle David (v), Paul Willemsen (g, b), Onno Smit (g, b), Bas Bouma (dms, perc), Lucas Van Ee (s), Dirk Zandvliet (s), Luc Janssens (t)

Tarif normal : 37 €
Train TER + concert : 39,40 €
Tarif réduit : 34 €
Tarif 15-25 ans : 30 €
Tarif 4-14 ans : 4 €

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