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An unsettling songwriter and personality, Melody Gardot hails from Philadelphia. Her style blends vocal jazz, folk, blues and pop, often spiced with a tropical element. Melody Gardot was born in 1985 and started out young in music. A fan of Duke Ellington and Radiohead, she sang in small clubs in the region. At the age of 19, she was knocked down by a car. The young woman kept her hold on music and life for many long months. To complete this form of musicotherapy, the strange “Some Lessons - The Bedroom Sessions” was released in 2005. The opus (a 6-track EP) exorcised her solitude and gave concrete form to the dream of a second life. Melody Gardot’s unusual talent was immediately revealed. In 2008, she released her first album, “Worrisome Heart”. At the age of 24, she had an international hit with “My One and Only Thrill”, blending blues and Latin rhythms. She sang melancholic and languid songs with arrangements by Vince Mendoza. She first appeared at Jazz à Vienne in 2012 with the repertoire from “The Absence”, a journey from Morocco to the tango dives of Buenos Aires. Her latest album, “Live in Europe”, features her hits, from “Baby I’m A Fool” to “My One and Only Thrill”, from “Les Etoiles” to “Who Will Comfort Me” and “Lisboa”. Melody chose the songs herself and kept only the most moving versions. For Melody Gardot “only one thing counts: the heart!”

Line-up : Melody Gardot (USA), Charles Staab (dms, USA), Sam Minaie (b, USA), Mitchell Long (g, USA), Artyom Manukyan (vlc, ARMENIA)

Photo : © DR

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