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“Can a Young Man Play the Blues?” asks Marquise Knox in one of the highlights on his third album, “Black and Blue”, recorded live. This young native of St Louis, Missouri, born in 1991, definitely knows that the answer is yes. Early on 26 August, on the way back from a gig, the singer and guitarist aged 23 was attacked and stabbed in the neck. Knox was rushed to hospital but was fit enough to tour again in France in November 2017, as part of the “New Blues Generation”. “On Black and Blue (Live)”, the menacing “Commit a Crime” (“I’m gonna leave before I commit a crime…”) confirms Knox’s authentic, deep and intense blues style with the low-down tone. Since the age of 16 (he was just 12 when he first played in public!), this protégé of Louisiana Red and disciple of Muddy Waters and BB King seems to have had the experience of Methuselah. With his deep voice, sharp guitar and exuberant choruses, this hard-hitting contemporary blues can take on a feminine form (“Marquise”) and features plenty of male assurance: Knox down!

Line-up : Marquise Knox (voc, g), Michael Battle (dms), Matthew Lawder (g), Augustus Thornton (b)

Photo : © dr

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