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From the late 1980s, Joseph “Mannix” Guigui and Laurent “Isaac” Cohen, the two founding fathers of this family energised with soul and funk, organised “Chez Roger Boite Funk” nights in Paris with Jean-François Bizot, DJ Dee Nasty “Grandmaster” from French Zulu Nation and Loïk “Novamix” Dury from Radio Nova. This is how it all began for the nine, then twelve, then fourteen members of the “Happiness” family. Their first, self-produced album, “Malka on the Beach” (1991), was followed by “Tous Des Ouf” (Warner). And the groove went on - tours in France, Switzerland, Italy and even Japan. Towards the end of the 1990s, the rise of electro music signalled the end of big groups, which were seen as too heavy and expensive. After a third album (“Fotoukonkass”/BMG) produced by Renaud Létang (Manu Chao, Feist) and one last tour, the group split up. Paradoxically, the same trend that had pushed them out now opened up the doors. More and more, the masters of electro were taking organic warmth from funk bands. It was a sign! Malka Family reformed, played some gigs and composed a new album without changing the original formula: 100% analogue and high on energy! On stage, you will see over-the-top outfits and a non-stop fiesta, inevitably recalling Parliament/Funkadelic. The fun is back: “Le Retour Du Kif” (album 2018).

Line-up : Roro (dms), Don Tamayo (perc), Woody (sax,v), Jay Murphy (k,v), Dany’O. (b,v), Beyonder (v), Gil C’Freak. (tp), Cool Jam (k,v), Gilda PETER. (v), Jo Manix (g), Sev K. (v), Isaac (tb)

Photo : © DR

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