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Makaya McCraven is a current favourite among fans of new jazz and has taken J Dilla's beats to a whole new level. On the cusp of the 2010s, the Chicago drummer created a process that's very much influenced by hip hop culture and became his signature: sampling his own music. It's recorded live on stage then spliced, moved and manhandled by its all-knowing creator to bring us a unique piece that's nothing like its first manifestation. As you watch one of Makaya's concerts, you can't help but wonder what will happen to the music you're hearing. It's also a great opportunity to feel the full force of his drumming talent. Makaya McCraven had fun nicknaming himself the beat scientist. His sharp beats live up to the hype. Universal Beings, his latest album, creates an atmosphere that owes a lot to spiritual jazz. It's all about the vibe with the Chicagoan.

Line-up : Makaya McCraven (dms), Junius Paul (b), Matt Gold (g), Greg Spero (keys), Irvin Pierce (s)


Crédit photo : © D. Marques