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Lucky Peterson was back in force in 2009 (in Vienne, in particular) with a striking triple album: “Organ Soul Sessions”. For the recording with a group of red-hot musicians (including Cornell Dupree on guitar!), the multi-instrumentalist singer had put aside his guitar and gone back to his favourite instrument: the Hammond organ. “I’m an organist, first and foremost. I started out on drums, then switched to the B3. I was five years old! I only started playing guitar when I was about 20.” The son of musical parents, Lucky Peterson made his debuts in Buffalo, where he would look up at the guests at his father’s blues club. Such legend as Jimmy Reed and Muddy Waters played there on tour. The young Lucky was particularly fascinated by the organist Bill Doggett. Now in his fifties, Lucky is taking a fresh look at a soulful - or more precisely, jazz’n’soul -  repertoire with his smoky voice and double keyboard. “I love the music of Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder” he says, “but my main man is still Jimmy Smith!” So, here he is with the recently released “Tribute to Jimmy Smith” - no less than his 30th album!

Line-up : Lucky Peterson (voc, Hammond B3, g), Tamara Tramell (voc), Shawn Kellerman (g), Rachid Guissous (kbd), Timothy Waites (b), Raul Valdes (dms)

Photo : © J-M. Lubrano

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