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Is it blues, rock and roll or rhythm and blues? All three, captain! The end of guitarist and singer Nico Duportal’s adventure with the Rhythm Dudes marked the beginning of another, in 2020, with The Sparks and their first album ‘Dog, Saint And Sinner’. In this project, Duportal’s love for authentic music and fine song writing shines in a new light. In a recent interview for Soul Bag, he mentioned the pianist Little Richard, whom he said “navigates between rhythm and blues, gospel and soul, although fundamentally, he’s rock and roll”. We couldn’t think of a better depiction, since Nico Duportal’s music naturally reflects the legacy of great traditional American music, despite never giving in to nostalgia. In other words, it’s an utter success.

Line-up : Nico Duportal (v, g), Laurence le Baccon (back-v), Julie Dumoulin (back-v), Barbara Belmonté (back-v), Damien Cornelis (Orgue Hammond, kbd), Hugo Deviers (g), Max Genouel (b), Fabrice Bessouat (dms)


Rates : 
/ Regular price : 37 €
/ Train TER + concert : coming soon
/ Reduced price : 34 €
/ 15-25 years old price : 30 €
/ 4-14 years old price : 4 €

/ 7 Night pass : 180€-190 €
/ Full pass : 350 €


Crédit photo : © DR