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Tradition dictates that the winner of the Rézzo Focal competition opens the All Night musical adventure. First place was awarded to young Swiss saxophonist Léon Phal in 2019. His quintet brings together the cream of the new European jazz scene: trumpet player Zacharie Ksyk, pianist Gauthier Toux, bassist Rémi Bouyssière and drummer Arthur Alard. Together they connect with a broad musical heritage, from Roy Hargrove and his band, RH Factor, to D’Angelo and Robert Glasper. Léon Phal succeeds in crafting his own supremely groovy idiom, but he never copies his heroes. He released his first album, ‘Canto Bello’, in late 2019 to widespread acclaim, and announced a second opus, ‘Dust to Stars’, scheduled for April 30! 


Rates All Night Jazz : 

/ Regular price : 37 €
/ Train TER + concert : coming soon
/ Reduced price : 34 €
/ 15-25 years old price : 30 €
/ 4-14 years old price : 4 €
/ 7 Night pass : 180€-190 €
/ Full pass : 350 €


Crédit photo : © B. Marcon