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Kassav began in 1979 when Pierre-Édouard Décimus and Freddy Marshall decided to update Antillean carnival "root" music by pairing salsa or reggae influences and glam rock with beguine beats and Dominican kadans. They were soon joined by Jacob Desvarieux on guitar and Georges Décimus on bass. The collective grew over the years. Kassav set a benchmark in four decades. The Guadeloupean group created their own zouk packed with Caribbean influences melting into African makossa, funk and rock to create one of the most exciting cocktails on the planet. Their big hit Soleil saw the group's music make its mark on an entire generation. Kassav officially dropped the apostrophe in 2012 and performed at the U Arena in Paris last May (capacity: 40,000 for 40 years!). A Netflix documentary about the group's career with interviews from Wyclef Jean, Youssou N’Dour, Stevie Wonder and Miles Davis will coincide with the group's world tour.

Line-up : Jocelyne Béroard (voc), Jacob Desvarieux (g), Jean-Philippe Marthely (v), Georges Décimus (b), Jean-Claude Naimro (k, v), Philippe Joseph (k), Thomas Bellon (dms), Dominique Tauliaut (perc), Marie Céline Chrone (bkv), Marie José Gibon (bkv), Abdel Hamid Belhocine (cuivre), Fabrice Adam (cuivre)

Crédit photo : © X. Dollin