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Jazz à Vienne invited the Senegalese singer Julia Sarr to put her spin on the message of peace and inclusiveness at the heart of this huge event as part of the ambitious and multi-disciplinary Africa2020, a project which celebrates the vitality of the many cultural traditions forming contemporary Africa's identity throughout the year and all over France. Julia Sarr was born in Dakar but has lived in Paris for over 25 years, was weaned on traditional and urban African beats and sounds but raised on contemporary "world music". She started out as a backing singer for big names but launched an exciting solo career a few years ago within the confines of genres. The new project entitled Jem Kanam and created especially for the occasion sees Julia Sarr take on the challenge of bringing together her own training and a never-before-seen choir of a hundred students from secondary schools and colleges in the Isère region. Delving into a repertoire of Wolof songs composed and arranged with Fred Soul for this vast vocal arrangement, Julia Sarr's pure and powerful voice vocalises fusion music that's rooted in tradition but driving towards a transcultural future.

The project is part of the SENEGAL2020 cultural season staged by the Isère region in partnership with Jazz à Vienne and the Voiron and Vienne music conservatories.
Concert available with the Jazz Ticket, the 7 Night Pass and Full Pass

Concert available with the Jazz Ticket, the 7 Night Pass and Full Pass

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