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In March 2015, John Zorn drank an orange juice and wrote. He had three hundred new tracks by May! A gem of feverish creation that soon became known as The Bagatelles. Today, fifty-odd pieces from this repertoire are introduced to the public in a fairly unique live experience. A marathon concert with no fewer than fourteen groups hitting the stage. A variety of groups will join Zorn's most loyal collaborators (a New York-heavy line-up) including Marc Ribot on guitar, pianists John Medeski and Craig Taborn, trumpeters Dave Douglas and Peter Evans, firm friends (Courvoisier, Feldman etc.) and myriad new talents. Over five hours of intense music performed by the most creative musicians on the scene! In the words of Zorn, the great New York saxophonist (alto), clarinet player, producer and composer with over 250 recordings to his name including a third devoted to his life's work, Masada: "The term 'jazz', per se, is meaningless to me in a certain way. I studied it. I love it. But when I sit down and make music, a lot of things come together. And sometimes it falls a little bit toward the classical side, sometimes it falls a little bit towards the jazz, sometimes it falls toward rock, sometimes it doesn’t fall anywhere, It's just floating in limbo. It's something different and something out of my heart." No gimmicks, no frivolity, no trifles... Not your average bagatelle! An event.

Line-up :
- Masada : John Zorn (s), Dave Douglas (t), Greg Cohen (b), Joey Baron (dms)
- Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman : Mark Feldman (v), Sylvie Courvoisier (p)
- Mary Halvorson Quartet : Mary Halvorson (g), Miles Okazaki (g), Drew Gress (b), Tomas Fujiwara (dms)
- Craig Taborn Solo : Craig Taborn (p)
- Trigger : Will Greene (g), Simon Hanes (b), Aaron Edgcomb (dms)
- Erik Friedlander-Mike Nicolas Duo : Erik Friedlander (c), Michael Nicolas (c)
- John Medeski Trio : John Medeski (org), Dave Fuczynski (g), Calvin Weston (dms)
- Nova Quarter : John Medeski (p), Kenny Wollesen (vibes), Trevor Dunn (b), Joey Baron (dms)
- Gyan Rilzy & Julian Lage : Gyan Riley (g), Julian Lage (g)
- Brian Marsella Trio : Brian Marsella (p), Trevor Dunn (b), Kenny Wollesen (dms)
- IKue Mori : Ikue Mori (electronics)
- Kris Davis : Kris Davis (p), Mary Halvorson (g), Drew Gress (b), Kenny Wollesen (dms)
- Peter Evans Solo : Peter Evans (t)
- Asmodeux : Marc Ribot (g), TrevorDunn (b), Kenny Grohowski (dms)

Crédit photo : © DR