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Jamie Cullum confessed to Jazz News magazine upon the release of his latest album Taller, that: "My music is basically a jazz fan's music! " Actually, it feels like a long time since the early 2000s saw a barely 20 year old Jamie Cullum come out of nowhere to shock his world with his youthful and cheery energy shaking up carefully-selected gems from the Great American Song Book with his own "pop" take that some saw as a lack of respect. Now he's 40, has gold records and Grammy Awards under his belt but Jamie Cullum hasn't lost his incredible showmanship fuelled by his irresistible energy on stage and his very "British" way of blending genres and styles with no heed to precedence or hierarchy. He's certainly made his mark on the great vocal jazz scene and nobody can deny he deserves his place here. So with the same enthusiasm but with extra maturity that you can see in his increasingly supple phrasing and his increased confidence as a songwriter, Jamie Cullum continues to hungrily explore his unbridled vision of a tradition rooted in jazz but always open to rhythms and sounds from the most contemporary popular music.

Rescheduled to 2022

Photo credits : © Danny North