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Born in Martigues (Bouches-du-Rhône, France in 1979) in a family from Comoros, Nadia Mladjao was hired by a modelling agency at the age of 17 and later flew out to New York with a contract with Calvin Klein, just after her 20th birthday. In the US she caught the “music virus”, when she heard “Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution” by Tracy Chapman. She devoured albums by Chapman, Nina Simone and Lauryn Hill in between fashion shows, catalogue shoots and adverts. She gave up modelling in 2008. After adopting the name Imany (meaning “faith” or “soul” in the Berber language), she recorded a first EP, then an album soon afterwards. This was the famous “The Shape of a Broken Heart” (2011), a launch pad for her irresistible rise with the song “You Will Never Know”. With over 400,000 records sold to date, Imany has found her own way between soul, folk, blues and pop, bringing her warm, deep and soothing voice to sharp, committed lyrics. Imany explains her approach: “I was struck by something when I saw Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” a long while back. Malcolm X understood we were not up against a race war, but a class war!” The musician wrote the soundtrack for Audrey Dana’s film “French Women” (“Sous Les Jupes Des Filles”) in 2013. The EP “There Were Tears” was released before “The Wrong Kind of War” (in 2016), a second album written and recorded between Paris and Dakar.

Line up : Stéphane Castry (dir, b), Rodolphe Liskowitch (vlc), Julien Grattard  (vlc), Jean-francois Ludovicus (dms),  Stéfane Goldman  (elg), Laurian Daire (k), Ludovic Bruni (g)

Photo : © Barron Claiborne

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