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The famous French beatmaker and producer, Guts carved out a reputation by working on soundtracks for Alliance Ethnik, Big Red and Svinkels, and working with such international artists as De La Soul and Rahzhel (The Roots). Following the first two instrumental solo albums from 2007 (“Le Bienheureux” and “Freedom”), from his Balearic home (he now lives in Ibiza) he released the album “Paradise For All” in 2011 for the Heavenly Sweetness label (which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017). Three years later, Guts opted to renew links with the rapper flow and his jazz and soul roots. In New York he recorded the excellent album “Hip-Hop After All”, where his guests included Cody Chesnut, Akua Naru and Patrice. His most recent album (“Eternal”) and the overwhelming success of his compilations “Beach Diggin’”, focused on uncovering rare pearls, have helped make Guts one of the go-to producers on the European scene. He arrives at the Théâtre Antique along with some high-class guests: Tanya Morgan, Fefe and Leeroy from Saïan Supa Crew.

Photo : © DR

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