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2018's hit that went under the radar packed with easy yet heady melodies, Mara introduced us to Fazer. In the meantime, the Munich quintet released their equally promising follow-up Nadi. Both flirt with easy listening: a few notes, real melodic talent and a heady bass line are the recipe to success. Fazer's music is taken to new heights by polyrhythmic grooves on two drums creating an afrobeat feel that keeps things minimalist and works wonders. It sets the scene for great solos where the trumpeter Matthias Lindermayr shows off his talent and Paul Brändle goes all out on guitar. The former's musical style gives Fazer's music a dramatic dimension. The German group's two records are belting stories. Don't miss them.

Line-up : Matthias Lindermayr (t), Paul Brändle (g), Martin Brugger (b, Talk), Sebastian Wolfgruber (dms), Simon Popp (dms)

Crédit photo : © H. Rohrer