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Recently named “Group of the Year” at the last Victoires du Jazz, Electro Deluxe was founded in 2001 as a quirky group blending soul, funk and jazz with a few slave machines. The group members are inspired by artists such as Herbie Hancock, Buckshot LeFonque (the Brandford Marsalis group) and Meshell Ndegeocello. Electro Deluxe have recorded five albums (Stardown, Hopeful, Play, the double Live In Paris and Home) with several cool guests: Philippe Sellam, Guillaume Poncelet, Flavio Boltro, Jean-François Baud, the late Didier Lockwood (who passed away in February), the voices of Cynthia Saint-Ville, IMO, Crystal and HKB FiNN, Ben l'Oncle Soul, 20syl and Nina Attal. Now led (since 2010) by the singer James Copley, Electro Deluxe has released their 6th album Circle (2016) which is pure organic soul funk. It follows a break in the group’s life as everyone used their time off to work with artists such as C2C, Gaël Faye and Mélissa Laveaux.

Line-up : Jérémie Coke (b), Arnaud Renaville (dms), Gaël Cadoux (k), James Copley (v), Thomas Faure (s), Vincent Payen (tp), Bertrand Luzignant (tb)

Photo : © dr

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