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The Very Best of Diana Krall came out in 2007. The compilation looked back over 15 years of a fantastic international career. 12 years later, after venturing into pop with Wallflower (2015), Diana Krall has returned to her roots. The proof is Turn Up The Quiet (2017), her fifteenth and last album to date paying a moving tribute to the Great American Songbook tradition. It was produced by Tommy LiPuma, the legendary blues sculptor who, after working with Miles Davis, Al Jarreau and George Benson and just before he passed away (March 2017), spent his time carving out a sound setting for Diana Krall's voice and piano. The Canadian star is not only a strong combo pianist but also a ringleader. Her trademark is still her innate sense of tempo fine-tuned with her mentors Ray Brown and Jimmy Rowles. Slightly deeper than back when she regularly paid tribute to Nat King Cole (e.g. her album All for You from 1996), Diana Krall's smoky tone doesn't always suit jazz classics. From The Girl in the Other Room (2004) onwards, she made original tracks by her husband Elvis Costello her own and a cameo of 60s and 70s pop nostalgia. Today, Diana Krall goes back to basics with classics from I’m Confessin’ to Night and Day.

Line-up : Diana Krall (p, v), Robert Hurst (b), Karriem Riggins (dms) + special guest Joe Lovano (s)

Regular price: 49 €
TER  Train + concert : 51,40 €
Reduced price : 46 €
15-25 years old price : 30 €
4-14 years old price : 4 €

Crédit photo : © DR