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An incredible pianist and singer-songwriter, extrovert producer and showman, Chilly Gonzales has spent the last two decades making his mark with his intimate and sensitive approach to the piano (think Erik Satie with his Solo Piano that started in 2004) and his eclecticism, excess and sense of showmanship. Intensely trained in classical, jazz then thrown into pop, the Montreal-born performer (1972) lives in Cologne and has collaborated with such names as Jarvis Cocker, Feist, Peaches, Drake and Daft Punk. His Solo Piano II then a collection of scores was followed up by the Octave Minds album with Boys Noize and Chambers (2015) which makes chamber music current. Other People’s Pieces came out last year with his covers of Daft Punk and Lana Del Rey. Most recently, the pianist released Solo Piano III, his latest album. His Jazz à Vienne concert will feature large "PianoVision" screens providing audiences with a view of the keys and the pianist's hands. Watch Chilly Gonzales work his magic on the piano keys and experience something truly unique.

Line-up : Chilly Gonzales (p, v), Stella Le Page (vlc, v), Joe Flory (dms)

Crédit photo : © Alexandre Isard