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Chick Corea is exploring the most Latino and Hispanic corners of his inspiration in Vienne. Let's remember the Sicilian and Spanish origins of the American pianist born in Massachusetts 77 years ago. The artist's Spanish Heart Band, whose name alone sparks the imagination, is once again on a quest for duende, when the flamenco artist or torero transcends the limits of their art and puts their creativity into overdrive to achieve a heightened state. This brand new group of eight Latin jazz and modern flamenco geniuses means that, in a way, Chick Corea can delve deeper into his love for Paco de Lucia's music. There are two of Paco's former colleagues, the guitarist Niño Josele and flute player Jorge Pardo who played with Corea in 1990 on the album Zyryab by the genius Algésiras. The collaboration echoed Chick Corea's Touchstone (1982) album featuring Lucia. You can finally hear this other Latin fusion forged 43 years ago on My Spanish Heart with Jean-Luc Ponty among others. The sight of Niño de los Reyes, a rising star in contemporary flamenco, stamping his Andalusian feet to the beat of the octopus-like Marcus Gilmore's drums and Cuban bassist Carlitos Del Puerto, paints a picture worthy of Vélasquez.

Line-up : Chick Corea (p), Jorge Pardo (s, f), Michael Rodriguez (t), Steve Davis (t), Niño Josele (g), Carlitos Del Puerto (b), Marcus Gilmore (dms), Nino de los Reyes (danceur), Luisito Quintero (perc)

Crédit photo : © DR