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There's nothing else like this on the music scene. Chassol is an all-round (cinema, advertising, design) French composer and pianist with a raw sound concept: ultrascore, harmonising reality. Big Sun is the third chapter of a journey using well-oiled tools from previous records in New Orleans (Nola Chérie) and Calcutta (Indiamore). The artist visited Martinique, his ancestral home, as a documentary maker filming the nature and people. These images became the film Big Sun whose album is a sort of enhanced next-level soundtrack. The composer uses three recurring harmonic suites and dialogues with the documentary material, the sound of rain on sheet metal, birdsong catalogued by Olivier Messiaen, and reinvents free jazz.

Line-up : Christophe Chassol (p), Mathieu Edward (dms)

Crédit photo : © Flavien Prioreau