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It's been almost a decade since Charlie Winston hit the scene, starting with radio then the stage, in France and Belgium. Within five notes and a whistle, the lanky hat wearer turned the fate of vagabonds jumping off a freight train into a peerless folk soul hit. Since Like A Hobo (2009), he's put out a regular stream of hits (Kick The Bucket, Hello Alone), platinum discs (Hobo) and more slow-burning albums (Curio City). The impeccable 40-something gent with the crooked trilby is back from oblivion and three years of radio silence since Curio City and its electro textures that threw off some of his fans. And Charlie is ready. Square 1 is a mature and militant record with a good dose of melancholy. Winston describes the fourth record as the fourth cornerstone. The title draws on the expression "back to square one". The Brit oozing French chic is certainly going back to his roots. Folk pop is still the Cornwall singer's (1978) favourite playground switching between funky tracks (the hedonistic The Weekend), deep ballads and world music experiments putting Toumani Diabaté's kora and Aresh Druvesh's tablas into his modern and natural folk style.

Crédit photo : © C. Gamus