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With a career lasting almost 50 years, 20-odd albums between 1969 and now then global success with Far From Home (2016), Calypso Rose is back with a coconut-drenched cover of the famous Calypso Blues. The 1951 song by Nat King Cole about the fate of female immigrants from the Caribbean in New York is the first single from So Calypso!. The new album from the "Calypso Queen" (born in 1940 in Tobago) is devoted to covers by performers who supported her in her career: The Melodians, Nat King Cole, Aretha Franklin and Angélique Kidjo. Calypso is two-beat carnival music from Trinidad and Tobago that appeared in the late 19th century. The Andrews Sisters' version of Rum and Coca Cola, plagiarised from Lord Invader, made kaiso music popular in 1945. A decade later and calypso made its first appearance at the cinema in Island in the Sun starring Harry Belafonte. The actor Robert Mitchum also had success with his album Calypso… Is like so! (1957) that he recorded after a rum holiday in Trinidad.

Line up : Calypso Rose (voc), Jamba (g), Corey Wallace (gb), David Aubaile  (k), Gregory Louis (dms), Sylvian Bardiau (t), Fabien Kisoka (s), Cali Kamga (bkv), Audrey Gbaguidi (bkv)

Crédit photo : © J. Bandit