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You'd think it was an artist's name. But Butcher Brown is the name of a US quintet based in New York. Their leader, Corey Fonville, made his name in Christian Scott's group. They describe their music as "garage punk jazz funk." If you're looking for a hard-hitting groove, fat bass lines and head bangers then this is for you. Butcher Brown is very current, inspired by hip hop and takes its roots back to 70s fusion and the rise of electro instruments in jazz. From Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters to Roy Hargrove's RH Factor, Butcher Brown keeps the legacy of full-bodied Great Black Music alive with talent and energy. You can count on a show-stopper with Butcher Brown.

Line-up : Marcus Tenney (t), Dj Harrison (k), Andrew Jay Randazzo (b), Morgan Burrs (g), Corey Fonville (dms)


Crédit photo : © DR