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Because he was born in 1942 in Angola, José Adelino Barcelo de Carvalho a.k.a. Bonga is entitled to showcase his incredibly raspy voice backed up by his dikanza, his elder status. He did it with a 31st album oozing timeless semba, morna and fado. The Recados de Fora ("Messages from elsewhere") was recorded with ease in Lisbon, Mindelo and Paris. Lisbon because the once colonised singer turned rebel under the name Bonga Kuenda ("he who rises and marches") now lives in Portugal. Mindelo because São Vicente island in Cape Verde (where Césaria Evora was born) is home to most of his fantastic musicians. Last but not least, Paris where Bonga found his artistic haven of peace with the Lusafrica label in 2000 founded by Cape Verde's José da Silva.

Line-up : Bonga (v, cga, dikanza), Betinho (g), Ciro Lopes (accordéon), Hernani Pinto Lagrosse (b), Djipson (dms)

Crédit photo : © L. Daku