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In a few decades, Bobby McFerrin has managed to break every rule in the book: 10-time Grammy winner, he has blurred the boundaries between pop and art music, gets a kick out of “playing the fool” by going barefoot in highly-prestigious venues across the globe, vocally exploring virgin territory and inspiring a whole new generation of a cappella singers as well as the beatbox movement. His latest album, Spirityouall, is a cool, bluesy recording, an unexpected step aside for this music industry rebel who, alone, redefined the role of the voice with his a cappella hit “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, his collaborations with Yo-Yo Ma, Chick Corea and the Vienna Philharmonic, his improvisation choir Voicestra and his legendary solo vocal performances! The most silent, most polite revolution ever. Bobby McFerrin has always been an improbable star of pop. He created a genuine hit which remained at Number 1 on the sales charts and spanned generations then calmly headed back to his own iconoclastic musical path, improvising live on national television, chanting melodies without words, spontaneously inventing scores for 60,000 backing singers in a stadium in Germany, breaking down the borders of genre, defying all expectations… Most people are unaware that Bobby comes from a family of singers. His father, baritone for the Metropolitan Opera sang for Sydney Poitier for the cinematographic version of Porgy &Bess, and his mother Sara was a soprano soloist and singing teacher.

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