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Before beginning the new millennium, Ben Harper, praised for the "gems of exquisite finesse" and the elegance of his performances, negotiated a tight electro turn with Burn to Shine (1999), his first recording with The Innocent Criminals. He and The Innocent Criminals didn't meet again in the studio until eight years later for the album Lifeline (2007). The gang got back together for a third record that came out in late 2016 and they're here to perform Call It What It Is at the Roman Theatre. With fifteen studio albums under his belt since he began his career in 1994, Ben Harper has always demonstrated his love of change moving from his solo gems (e.g. the first: Welcome To The Cruel World) to tracks with his bosom buddies. The latter is the case for his collaborations with The Innocent Criminals, the legendary gospel group The Blind Boys of Alabama, Relentless7, Fistful of Mercy, blues harmonica player Charlie Musselwhite and his mother Ellen Harper on a moving journey back in time (Childhood Home, 2014). Set against this backdrop, international sell-out tours, gold or platinum discs and top awards have made Ben Harper a world-famous star. The Pomona-born artist (California) is also an activist campaigning for Tibet, Vote for Change and animal rights.

Crédit photo : © Evil Vince