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A late 1980s formation, the Belmondo Quintet revolves around the close-knit duo of brothers and partners Lionel and Stéphane Belmondo. From their debut, whether on stage or on record, the band has left its mark on the French jazz scene, fighting tooth and nail for their right to play intense, spiritual, resolutely acoustic music - a revival of the modern jazz concepts developed by such artists as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans and Wayne Shorter. ‘Brotherhood’ is only the fifth album of the Belmondo Quintet. It heralds the return to the recording studio for a band, which over the course of its rich and tumultuous existence has included a who’s who of the French jazz world, setting an example for several generations of French musicians along the way.

Jazz is all about drawing on tradition for reinvention and challenge, cruising through its past and its future. The Belmondo brothers have done this from the get-go, and speak this language with an authenticity that draws its strength from direct interaction with the very best.

Line-up : Lionel Belmondo (ts, ss, fl), Stephane Belmondo (t, fh), Eric Legnini (p), Sylvain Romano (cb), Tony Rabeson (dms)

Rates : 

/ Regular price : 44 €
/ Train TER + concert : 46,60 €
/ Reduced price : 41 €
/ 15-25 years old price : 30 €
/ 4-14 years old price : 4 €
/ 7 Night pass : 180€-190 € // SOLD OUT 
/ Full pass : 350 € // SOLD OUT 


Photo credit : © Géraldine Aresteanu 

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