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Anne Paceo is a drummer and orchestra conductor, and she is one of the most prominent figures of contemporary jazz. A natural for rhythm, she spent her early years in Daloa, Ivory Coast. She firmly believes that, even before she was born, she heard percussionists rehearsing right next to her parents’ house: “I know it had an unconscious influence on me. I was playing the djembe once and I suddenly had the deep impression that I was inside my mother’s womb.” Rhythm, groove, swing… Drums are “her strength, one of the pillars of her life”. The many different jazz schools she has attended speak volumes about how open-minded she is: the famous workshops “Les enfants du jazz” in Barcelonette, the prestigious Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris, all the way up to her first “real concerts” with Christian Escoudé and the classes she took with free jazz legend Sunny Murray. French jazz of today cannot do without Anne Paceo, and that can only be for the best: just imagine what treasures this radiant performer’s musical genius is yet to yield if her career so far has dazzled listeners and lit up uncharted territory for jazz to explore. 

Photo credits : © Sylvain Gripoix