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The self-taught Australian singer and pianist from the flourishing 30/70 collective began her adventure as a leader in 2018. Her first album, Acadie: Raw embodies the mark Hiatus Kaiyote left on their cadets in Melbourne. The same casual groove, the same way of giving the vocals soul. Allysha Joy brings us neo soul where the Rhodes and electro paths rule the roost. The singer's strong personality and free spirit saw her take to the piano at the age of 6 with the aim to be independent, able to play on her own and broaden her skill-set so that her education would get her more respect from people, especially men. Mission accomplished with Acadie: Raw.

Line-up : Allysha Joy Pinches aka Allysha Joy (v), Henry Hicks aka Horatio Luna (b), Zeke Ruckman aka Ziggy Zeitgeist (dms), Thomas Mansfield (g, fx), Joshua Kelly (s), Finn Rees (k)

Crédit photo : © DR