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The 40th Jazz à Vienne edition will take place from June 23 to July 10, 2021!

Jazz Tickets is now redeemable for tickets.

Ticketing online


Introductory offer !
PACK TRIO : 99€ instead of 105€

Exclusively on and in limited amount!
Select 3 concerts among the first concerts announced for 99 €, being 33€ the evening.
Once the quota achieved, the Pack Trio will be proposed at the initial price of 105€.

Full Pass - 350€ - limited availability*

The whole festival every day from 23th to July 10th 2021
/ Entry to all the Jazz à Vienne events (June 23th-July 10th 2021)
/ Entry to sold-out concerts
/ Special entrance that opens before public entry
/ Individual pass (1 person/evening) but not named: you can lend it to your friends or family Some nights
/ Entry via the artist's entrance at the Roman Theatre
/ Entry to the festival's pro bar
/ Behind the scenes tour of the Roman Theatre
/ Sit in the Partners' area at the Roman Theatre (first terraces – seat reserved until 8.30pm)
/ Bring friends or family with free tickets to certain concerts (2)

Ticket office
/ Watch the illustrated concert: Hugh Coltman & Juanjo Guarnido, on July 3rd, Salle du Manège
/ Watch the young audience concert
/ Get discounts for loved ones at certain festival events (2)
/ Get discounted rates for concerts in the Jazz à Vienne season (2)
/ And so much more!

(1) Promotions TBC
(2) Subject to availability
* exc. potential agency fees


7 night Pass - 190€*

The best of the festival to suit you Advantages
/ No need to book
/ Create your own schedule at the last minute and pick your concerts, even sold-out ones
/ Share your Pass: Individual pass but not named (one person per night) so your loved ones can attend events when you don't
/ Special entrance to the Roman Theatre
/ Get discounts on your 8th, 9th etc. concert with 14 € off the normal price (tickets exclusively available at the ticket counter on concert evenings when you show your 2021 7 Night Pass)
/ Get discounted rates for concerts in the Jazz à Vienne season
/ And so much more...


Panini Album Collection

Relive Jazz à Vienne's past with the Panini "Jazz à Vienne" sticker album! Collect stickers of stars who've hit the Roman Theatre's stage, legendary concerts from the last forty years, artists who flourished with the event and form the "Jazz à Vienne All Stars", a dream team of the biggest musicians to grace the festival.

Prices & where to buy: (sleeve with 4 packs of 5 stickers + 1 album: 8€), Tourism stand and partner newsagents (pack of 5 stickers: 1€, album: 4€)