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November 28, 2019

The Jazz à Vienne Festival and 9eArt+, the company behind the Angoulême International Comics Festival, have worked together to create the Jazz à Vienne poster every year since 2017. Following in the footsteps of Brüno's minimalist 2018 poster, Jacques de Loustal took us on a journey true to the 39th event's Caribbean theme in 2019. It's the illustrator Juanjo Guarnido's turn to create the visual for the 40th festival in 2020.

The Spanish comic designer, illustrator and animator Juanjo Guarnido is best-known for his Blacksad (Dargaud) series with text by Juan Díaz Canales. The comic has won multiple awards in Europe and America including the 2014 National Comic Prize, a leading award from the Spanish Ministry for Culture. He also illustrates the Sorcelleries children's series, with text by Teresa Valero, and does a lot of illustrations and collaborations in French-Belgian comics. He spent some of his career in animation and worked in the Walt Disney studios in Montreuil where he spent ten years as a layout designer and character animator for The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Hercules, Tarzan and Atlantis. Another side to his career is that he recently directed and animated the Freak of the Week music video for the Swedish rock band Freak Kitchen. In 2019 he published the Les Indes fourbes album with Delcourt with text by Alain Ayroles. It's an ambitious and vast picaresque tale featuring the character of El Buscón created by the Spanish Golden Age author Francisco de Quevedo. The milestone event is one to celebrate and the visual certainly captures the party mood: a big band journey somewhere between the Cybèle gardens and New Orleans where jazz, music and good times reign. Juanjo Guarnido came to soak up the festival last summer and was transported to the party atmosphere of New Orleans and its famous Mardi Gras parade, echoing his fourth Blacksad opus: "There's music everywhere, all the time. At the Roman Theatre, Cybèle, Vienne's streets... Everywhere I went, there were musicians and festivalgoers. The entire city switches to festival mode and seeps visitors in its joyful and inspirational atmosphere. The visual also captures the festival's family-friendly and intergenerational side. "It struck me in the choice of venue and schedule, the concerts, some of which were designed especially for children, the profile and diversity of festivalgoers of all ages and backgrounds etc."